They say that first impressions are everything and that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.  It is therefore imperative to have your home looking its best when you decide to put it on the market. 

When you are planning to sell your home, we specialize in transforming your home to give it that ‘wow’ factor to anyone taking a step inside.

A staged home photographs better and sells quicker and for more money.

The idea is to have every potential buyer make an emotional connection with the house and fall in love.


We will do an initial overview of your home and break down each room with specifics as to what furnishings you can keep and what you can store so that we may bring in our replacements.  Our overview will bring attention to certain areas of your home which need attention in order to appeal to the greatest number of buyers whom are in the market looking. 

We will give you input and suggestions to help you in the de-cluttering process.  We will schedule our movers to bring in the furnishings and put them in the most desirable place.  We will use the combination of optimum furniture placement, lighting, decorative accessories, premium artwork, desirable colour palette, esthetic renovations and other design elements; all to achieve the goal of drawing attention to the best features of your home.

A buyer needs to be able to visualize themselves living in that space.  Staging helps to accomplish this goal. 


Leave the details of staging to us.  We will take approximately 3-4 days to stage your home to make it look the best it can look. 


When a buyer is looking for a new home, 90% of them will start their search on-line and check out the video tour or the photographs.  It is of paramount importance that your home be properly represented and staged to look its very best.  Buyers will pass over empty, unappealing properties that don’t show well in pictures or video.


Our goal is to focus attention to the best features of your home while transforming the space into a stunning showpiece which will appeal to buyers in the marketplace.

Homes that are beautifully furnished with up-to-date design trends, are more appealing and therefore, encourage buyers to take a closer look. Our home staging demonstrates how furnishings can fit into each space and can transform any living space into functional areas that provide a natural flow from room to room.

Home Staging is essential in helping to bring a Buyer’s vision to life.  It can make a big impact on the selling price and the length of time your home stays on the market. 


  • Statistics show that a staged home sells for 8-10% more than non-staged homes
  • When entering your home, it only takes 8 seconds for potential buyers to decide if they like your home or not
  • Staged homes sell quicker than non-staged homes—In fact, on average, they spend 70% less time on the market than non-staged homes 
  • A vacant property stays on the market  longer than one that has been staged
  • It’s a fact that a staged house looks much better in pictures Photos of your staged house look better in print & web media
  • Staged homes leave in impression in prospective Buyers’ minds
  • Over 90% of Buyers decide what homes they want to look at based on online photos and online video
  • In this tough, competitive market, you want your home to appear better than homes that are competing with your home
  • The cost of staging is always less than your first price reduction.  Our CONCIERGE SERVICE includes staging to make things super easy for you!!

  • Bottom line, staged homes SELL FASTER & for MORE MONEY